Virtual Kidnaping – What Parents need to know

Hi Everyone……

As part of forming our BASIC SECURITY FOUNDATION for our families.  I would like everyone to consider having two different types of passwords for your families.  It’s not the passwords that you are most likely thinking of either………


Imagine this……. Your phone rings and you recognize the phone number it is your child’s phone number.  

 For this example, I will use a little girl.  You answer the phone and you hear a child’s voice.   ‘Mommy, help me. They have kidnapped me. I’m blindfolded,’  The girl is crying and her voice is muffled, but it is a real child and not a recording.  As you panic, the next thing you hear is….a male voice.

“This phone call is going to keep your daughter alive, If you hang up, she dies. You understand that?  Get in your car and drive to the bank. If you hang up, tell anyone, or call anyone, she dies.”

You can hear a girl in the background of the phone call crying hysterically but her voice is muffled.  “Go to the bank and withdraw $1000 and place it in an envelope. Once you leave the bank, place the envelope in the nearest trash can, then get back into your car and go home.  Do not hang up the phone or try to call anyone or Lisa will die.”

You get the point.  There are several different versions of these Virtual Kidnapping Extortion Scams.  Some of them, have actually used your child’s real voice which the criminals have taken off of their child’s youtube channel and spliced the audio together.

The opposite of this scam can also happen…….. Imagine your child or teenager received this call stating that they had you and if they didn’t meet them at a specific location you would be killed.  Would your children know what to do?


  1. PASSWORDS – Establish secret passwords for your family that only you know.  They are NOT to share it with ANYONE; including close friends.

Scenario No. 1 – If you receive the above call.  You will ask the dirt bag caller who is extorting you.  Ask my daughter what our password is.

Scenario No. 2 – An unknown man pulls up to your child on the way home from school and states, “Zach, your mom and dad have been in a car accident and told me to come get you.”  Zach is not to get into the car unless that person knows the password.

Scenario No. 3 – Use that phase via text or phone call to let your child know it’s an emergency and they need to call, leave, etc……straight away.

2.   PASS PHRASE –  Establish a secret passphrase that your kids can use if they are in trouble, or just want to get out of a situation.  When they text or call with this phrase it is your signal as their parent. They may be in trouble or just want to get leave.

Scenario No. 1 – Your child is at a party and his/her friends are drinking, narcotics, etc…..  Your child can text you or call you with the pass phrase as an out. Go get your kid! Examples…. “How is Uncle Matt doing?  Is he still in the hospital?” You get the idea.

3. GPS Locator APP – You can see where having a GPS locator app on your child’s phone could come in handy with this scam.  See Lesson No. 1.


  1. If you have a recording app on your phone.  Go to the app and hit record. If you don’t have a recording App, get one.
  2. Don’t give your child’s name out or provide any personal information.
  3. Repeat the caller’s demands to stahl and to make sure you are clear.
  4. Write a note to have someone else locate  your child, stay on the phone
  5. Notify Police

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