What Product’s Virtual Cyber Cop Recommends to Parents

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I have listed below some of the products that I recommend to help protect you and your family.  I want to have complete transparency here. Some of the links are affiliate links which basically means they will throw a couple of bucks at me.  However, I want to ensure you that is not why they get my recommendation.


  1. QUSTODIO – Three Different Plans Available, depending on how many “devices” you wish to monitor.  Prices range from about $40-$100 per year. This is the best ALL IN ONE software that I have seen.  It has location tracking, text, and call monitoring all is one.
  2. DISNEY CIRCLE – This is good if you want to just monitor and control Screen Time, Internet traffic at your house only.  This will not monitor text messages, calls, and does not have location tracking. Cost is one time fee $50.
  3. NET NANNY – Very Similar to Qustodio except their pricing is per device; $9-$12 per device.  It has all of the same features as QUSTODIO except it does not have location tracking.


I just recommend that every parent have a monitoring software.  You can use your basic cell phone tracking software if you like, Qustodio, or LIFE 360.  These are the only ones that I am familiar with and they work great.

  1. LIFE 360 – It’s Free if you just use their basic tracking features.  You can set up your entire family and set up two free “alerts.”  There is a paid version for additional services such as driving speeds, etc.  


If you are not using a VPN everytime you go on the internet you are not being a good VCC Member, lol.  It is an absolute must! Start today, please. You have to start protecting your internet traffic.

  1. PROTON VPN – I am switching to this VPN now just because I love their product.  This would be my first choice. I also use their email service. Cost is more expensive than others, but I do trust it… $96.00 a year for 5 devices.
  2. PRIVATE INTERNET ACCESS (PIA) – This is the VPN that I use and recommend.  The only issue is to get the good pricing you have to pay for two years up front which costs $84.00 total.
  3. NORD VPN – I do not use this VPN, but I know several Law Enforcement colleagues that do and are pleased with the service.  The price is right.. 6 devices, two year deal is $96.00.


This is my number one MUST.  You have to start using a password manager.  Stop using the same passwords or variations of the same password.  I am not going to lie, there is a small learning curve that gets a little frustrating, but once you get it.  It’s Great. I literally, don’t even know the majority of my passwords.

  1. 1PASSWORD – This is the one that I use but it is a little pricey compared to other services.  The cost is $60 a year for the family or $36 a year for an individual.
  2. LASTPASS – Most people that I know use this one.  I have never used it, but it is very popular with good reviews.  The cost is the similar; $36 year for individual but $48 for the family (6 users).

HELP ME, HELP YOU!    A quote from one of my favorite movies…..

If you have any personal questions that you do not want to ask in the forum just email me direct and I will do my best to help you out.

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