My Story

Hi, my name is Doug Stice and I have become to be known as the Virtual Cyber Cop, which is actually very humorous to me, because I am definitely not your typical “Tech Guru.” I am a 25-Year Law Enforcement veteran working for a major Law Enforcement Agency. Most of my career has been spent in “Operational” assignments; including Patrol, Undercover, Bomb Squad, Air Support, Canine, and Detective Assignments.

Then about five years ago my Law Enforcement career collided with my personal life>>>  How you may ask? Well, I was promoted out of an operational assignment back into an investigative assignment, where now I was in charge of several Investigators, where many of the crimes we were investigating had a Cyber component!  So now I am being exposed to some many different types of Cyber Crimes/Cyber Predators and my daughter is coming of age where we are considering getting her a cell phone…..

My Law Enforcement and Personal worlds collide!  The Cop in me is saying…. Kid, you are never getting a cell phone, lol.  The dad in me is saying, it’s time. She needs a phone, but I didn’t know really how to protect her from these dangers that I was seeing at work.  So I was in most likely your situation right now and I only saw two choices.

#1 Choice – do nothing.  Keep my head in the sand because if I went back in time where I didn’t really know what threats were facing my daughter by simply giving her a cell phone, tablet, or allowing her to play online games.  Then I would be good and I would just hope for the best. My kid will never be a victim…. Famous last words.

#2 Choice – Learn How to Protect Her.  I chose this option but I quickly became frustrated!  There wasn’t much training out there for Law Enforcement and I found ZERO training for parents or educators.  So I did what every dad/cop would do….. I taught myself! I sought out Experts in this field and learned. I Studied, I Studied, and I studied.  When a class did come up…… I went.

Over the Last five years, I have learned a lot and I continue to learn to this day.  But one thing remains consistent! Just basic understanding and training for Parents, Educators, and Businesses still is lacking so I decided to do something about it and The Virtual Cyber Cop was born.  Now, I teach parents, educators, and businesses like you the basics that you need and you Don’t Have to be a Tech Guru! I promise….

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