Protect Your Kids by Securing your Home Network

Hi Everyone……

As part of forming our BASIC SECURITY FOUNDATION for our families.  I would like to cover your home security Network.


I will throw out my general “disclaimer” here, that I am not a professional “hacker” but I do have some investigative experience with it, don’t judge here, lol.

As I stated in the FB Group, anything connected to your Home Network can be “hacked.”  What I mean by that is any “device” that connects to your “router” can be vulnerable and “hacked” if your router (network) is compromised.  This includes all of the latest “smart devices” such as switches, baby monitors, thermostats, televisions, speakers, etc….. There are other ways to “hack” specific devices but I am just covering NETWORKS here.

Most Networks are compromised through what is referred to as a Brute Force attack using “bots” to figure out what your password is to your network.  Hackers take the most “common passwords” list located on the dark web and in simple terms run all of those passwords to see if they get “lucky”… and they do, many times.


  1. Your “router” has software updates.  Make sure your router software is up to date.
  2. Most “routers” have a “default” password that came with the router.  Make sure that has been changed because many of the “default” router passwords are available on the dark web.  Make sure your new router password is STRONG.
  3. Change Your Network Name:  For example; Netgear 4G. Change the Name of your Network to a non-descript name such as, Dolphins (I am a Miami Dolphin Fan), sorry.
  4. This is a little bit advanced but go into your Network Settings and make sure that the encryption level is set to “WPA2.”  There will be an option of the level of encryption. I will put out a video in the coming weeks showing how to do this, but if you “GTS” (cop lingo for, Google That Shit) there are plenty of how to videos.
  5. VPN – Virtual Private Network, this masked your IP address.  Your router should be operating with a VPN.
  6. Monitoring Software – I covered this in a previous lesson, but if you have a monitoring software on your Network to control your kids screen time, it will also “alert” you whenever, anything or anyone NEW connects to your network.

Here is a link to a recent article on this very topic and the issue specifically with Nest products:  Washington Post Article.

This is not a “catch all” but it is a good start and I will get into some more advanced stuff later if everyone is interested.

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