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Every Monday, Virtual Cyber Cop sends out an Email which includes Free Training Tips, Latest Cyber Threats, Cyber Scams, Phone App Reviews, Social Media Platforms advice, Parental Settings, Monitoring Software, Case Studies and much more…


Virtual Cyber Cop offers Free Training at your Place of Business, School or Community. The training is approximately 1.5 hours and will include the Current Cyber threats, Cyber Predator tactics, On-line Gaming, Social Media Platforms, YouTube, and much more.


Virtual Cyber Cop offers many different services.  Some of the services that we offer are Cyber Background Services including all types of Social Media Platforms, Cyber Stalking, Cyber Extortion, Privacy Training, and much more.  Contact us for a free consultation.


“Great information and advice about internet security, with a focus on staying a step ahead of cyber threats against our children.”

Christine McCoy

“Great tips on keeping your kids safe with today’s social media dangers.”

Denice Castillo

“Virtual Cyber Cop’s training class was excellent. Wow! I had no idea that those threats were out there and I learned a ton… Thanks Again!”

Tim Bourquin

My story

Hi, my name is Doug Stice and I have become to be known as the Virtual Cyber Cop, which is actually very humorous to me, because I am definitely not your typical “Tech Guru.”  I am a 25-Year Law Enforcement veteran working for a major Law Enforcement Agency. Most of my career has been spent in “Operational” assignments; including Patrol, Undercover, Bomb Squad, Air Support, Canine, and Detective Assignments.

Then about five years ago my Law Enforcement career collided with my personal life>>>  How you may ask? Well, I was promoted out of an operational assignment back into an investigative assignment, where now I was in charge of several Investigators, where many of the crimes we were investigating had a Cyber component!  So now I am being exposed to some many different types of Cyber Crimes/Cyber Predators and my daughter is coming of age where we are considering getting her a cell phone…..

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